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We are a baseball loving family. We have many years of experience in coaching (travel baseball all the way up to varsity baseball) and running tournaments. We run youth baseball events and tournaments at top notch college, professional, and unique baseball complexes throughout the US. We typically run tournaments geared toward ages 14u, 15u, 16u, 17u, 18u. We feel we offer a unique experience for players, coaches and fans. Its common for college scouts to be in attendance watching players at our tournaments but at the same time we really try to bring the fun back to the game as ultimately this youth sports and baseball thing is about the experience, the memories, family and TEAM. This is one of the reasons we always run events with HR Derby, Fastest Man, & Strongest Arm Competitions for all ages! We strive for excellent communication to every team signed up and you will see our staff at every tournament. If you are looking for a professionally well run tournament with great communication we ask that you give us a try!

2020 Baseball Tournament Dates


Here are the answers to some of the questions we receive regarding our tournaments. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you need more clarification or if you have anymore questions for us!

  • Are there gate or parking fees?

    In 2020 we will have a $5 per person per tournament gate fee for fans. Players & Coaches are free. Children 8 and under and Adults 62 and over are free.

  • Do we need team insurance to play in your tournaments?

    Yes. You will need to provide us your team insurance to participate in our tournaments as well as Championship Tourneys, LLC as additionally insured on the certificate. This is an easy task to accomplish and we can offer help if needed. There is no additional charge to add us. This can be emailed to us.

  • Do we need to turn in a team roster?

    Yes. You will need to prvoide us your team roster prior to the start of the tournament. This can be emailed to us.

  • Are there refunds?

    Should weather or an act of God cause an event to be completely cancelled having played no games all teams will receive a full entrance fee CREDIT for a future event to take place within a full calendar year from the end of the cancelled events date. Please see our rule book for furture information.

  • Do you accomodate scheduling requests/conflicts?

    Yes. But, you must have your request in one month prior to the start of the tournament. We make every effort possible to accomodate your requests. Once the schedule is released typically one month prior to the start of the tournament there are no tournament changes. If you absolutely must change there is a $100 fee and the other teams it affects must agree to the change. We hope you understand that we do this in order to make this the best experience for everyone. We are not a tournament host that makes annoying changes once the schedule comes out.

  • Can we bring drinks, coolers, food into your tournaments?

    This depends on the complex your game is at. Again, this will always be well communicated prior to the start of the tournament. Unless the stadium or complex has given us specific rules saying it wont be allowed you are free to bring your coolers, drinks, food, etc. We just ask that you please clean up all waste when finished. Typically if a facility has rules against this its because they will be providing concessions themselves. But, again this will communicated from us prior to the event!

  • Will you have staff onsite to help with any issues that arrise?

    Absolutely. We are always onsite at all of our tournaments. Our website has contact information for us and your teams will also be provided with our tournament directors contact information. All of our staff also wear staff shirts so they are easy to pick out in a crowd! Our staff is committed to providing tremendous customer service and will be readily available.