About Us

For the Love of the Game

Championship Tourneys is a family owned baseball tournament host. We host college showcase baseball tournaments at many different college, university, high school, and entertainment complexes throughout the United States. We put our focus on the player and family experience and provide a unique opportunity for players to play on college fields and also build their recruiting profiles. We track game stats for every game you play with us as well as each players recruiting measurables and provide these to college coaches across the country.

With roughly 100 years of combined experience around the game of baseball in many different capacities we strive to make this the best possible experience for every player, family, team, and coach. We know how to get our players maximum exposure on the recruiting end and in touch with college coaches and we also know that they are still kids and young men and want this to be a very fun and memorable experience while playing with us. Our scouting staff can be seen at every single game handing out awards like our "MVP" and our "Clutch Performer" awards. The players have a blast wearing these as it gives them bragging rights! These awards also provide the player with a discount to attend our end of season Prospect Showdown! In addition to these awards we also strive to make as many games as possible on college fields or state of the art facilities. Unlike some other companies who give you a game on a college field and then send you to a less than desirable HS or community field we do our best to put all of your games on fields you will love playing at or at least get college coach exposure! We ask that you give us a shot to show you what were all about. We love this great game as its a huge part of our life!

Our Team

Championship Tourneys is a family owned and operated business.